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Advertising in Dutch shopping areas

Advertise on hundreds of A-location in Dutch shopping areas. Draw attention to your brand or product by advertising on our dynamic screens.

The out of home operator in the Dutch shopping areas

We create advertising space on crucial POS-locations in the Dutch shopping streets by digitalizing in-store marketing and by broadcasting dynamic content-driven data via qualitative high-impact screens.

Smart technologies make it possible to analyze consumers and their behavior. Windowsketch uses data to serve relevant campaigns to the right target audience at the right time, so that a maximum of effect and reach can be achieved. Advertisers can log into an online dashboard, in which the gathered data are real-time insightful. This way, advertisers can see how their campaign perform at any time of day.

Windowsketch advises and helps retailers to get the maximum out of their square meters by digitalising in-store marketing and offers advertisers advertising-space in a unique innovative way at A-location throughout the Netherlands.

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Why Windowsketch?

Windowsketch advises and helps retailers to get the maximum out of their square meters and offers communication space to advertisers on the best hotspots in the Netherlands.

Symbool voor dynamische Out of Home reclame
Dynamic out-of-home advertising on A-locations

Your advertisements at the place where purchase decisions are made.

Symbool voor Real time data
Real time data

Our innovative techniques gather real time insightful data of passers-by. This makes it possible to get live feedback on how your advertisements perform.

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Measurable boost in sales

Windowsketch guarantees a boost in sales, brand awareness and engagement.

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Not convinced yet? All benefits pointed out:

For advertisers

  • Advertise on hundreds of A-location in the Dutch shopping areas
  • Advertisements on Point of Sale
  • Dynamic content is 61% more notable than static content
  • Real-time insightful data of passers-by
  • Action-oriented last minute opportunities

For retailers

  • Transform unused square meters in advertisement space
  • Add value in the relationship between retailer and supplier
  • Real-time data, insightful at any moment
  • Engage consumers with dynamic content

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